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www.Hot Rod Homepage.com


They are building a Fox body Mustang as a drift car, about time somebody did this.  Check their site out for this and more muscle car coverage.




We don't drift professionally anymore, but we still drift for fun and at local events.

For information on local events (Texas mainly) -


The El Camino sits in a sad state- waiting for time, money & love:


Drifting my 1989 IROC Camaro with LS1 / T56 - 



Drifting a Volvo with a V8 swap - and playing at a drift meet

Aaron Losey's Nissan S13 with LS1 / T56 swap 



For Season Recaps from 2005 or 2004 (click the year)

or for photos and videos go here:  Album





El Camino Paint Scheme Timeline:

2005 - we made it all season with one paint job!

2004: Frame straightened, front end replaced, repainted - all in 2 weeks to make the next event.

Ouch, New paint lasted 4 laps :(

Next time we'll go to the pits sooner to adjust the brakes.

2004: Looking pretty, should have known better than to paint it.

2004:Sponsors stickers for the Formula D Sonoma, helping us pay the costs to compete.

Original paint - hey, it was a low budget beater.


Special Thanks To:

Those at SlipStream, the other Formula D drivers and crew members (very friendly and nice), Alex at DailyDrifter.com, our sponsors, other friends that supported us and helped out, and all of our forum well wishers!




All Work Done safely - with the correct piece of wood holding the car up (here's Derrick welding on the gas tank, wishing he had a El Camino)

*this is a joke, we have more sense then this.


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HISTORY - El Camino Information Page

MODS - MODS Done to my El Camino so far

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